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Bologna Airport Parking

There are more than 100 airports in Italy today. Most of them meet international flight and travel standards and one of these facilities is Bologna Airport. This airport is located on the outer suburbs of the Bologna city about 6 kilometers from the city center. Therefore, accessing the city center from the airport should not be that much of a hassle to you.

This is one of the airports that have really grown since inception. This growth is not just inclined towards customer numbers but rather a wide range of elements. The number of airlines serving this airport has been on the increase as well. These airlines have opened up more avenues for international destinations from across the globe to get connected to this airport. The locals here in fact see this airport as the major gateway that connects them to the rest of the world.

The facilities that are available at the airport have been designed and expanded to cater for the needs of the ever increasing number of passengers. One of the most developed facilities is the parking facility. Once you come to Bologna Airport, you will get an extensive parking lot. It is ideal to cater for the ever increasing need for individuals and businesses to park their vehicles here.

The parking facility has got signs and banner everywhere. These signs are intended to ensure that you do not park your car at the wrong place. Remember that the parking lot is used by staffs, passengers, transport companies and also high profile persons in society. That is why you need to make good use of the facility. The signs are very vivid as well.

The parking lot is partitioned to avoid any kind of confusion. Staffs, passengers and transport companies park their vehicles at separate locations. There is also a separate place for very important personalities. On matters security, you can always rest assured that the security personnel here with the support of surveillance cameras would do the right job for you.