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Avis Bologna Airport

Bologna Airport is one of the most loved airports in this part of the globe. One aspect that best defines this airport is the fact that it is located just about 6 kilometers from the city center. Therefore, getting through to the city center from the airport and back needs not to be too much of a hassle. It might be worth to note that this airport was categorized as the 8th busiest in Italy in relation to passenger numbers. In the year 2011 alone, over 5 million passengers; both international and domestic passed through this airport.

There is all testimony that this airport has been able to grow greatly. The transportation sector here has also been able to thrive a lot ever since the inception of Bologna Airport here. The roads and railways network is well laid down here and therefore getting to whichever location from the airport should not be too much of a hassle. It does not matter whether you love travelling by cars, buses or trains but what you can be assured of is that you will get some pretty exemplary services here.

Once you just get outside the passenger terminal, you will find many shuttle buses and cars parked out there all ready to be of service to you. The shuttle buses are a common element in this region. They are used to ferry people to the city center and back to the airport. You can also count on these buses to take you to other regions within Italy.

There are also many car hire companies which run their transport operations at this airport as well. The services that are offered by the shuttle buses might just be affordable but if you are seeking quality and more so reliable kinds of services, car rental is an option that you definitely cannot just choose to overlook.

The many car rental companies here are just assurance that you are not likely to miss someone to be of service to you. One of the most notable car hire companies here is Avis car Hire Company. This is one of the longest car rental companies in this region. You can therefore trust them to deliver the best results to you. Avis car hire has been operating here for quite some time now. They therefore understand the routes to your final destinations best.

If at all you are of the conviction that Avis car hire does the right job for you, you can log on to their official site online and book their services today.