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Gugliemo Marconi Airport, Bologna, I-40132 (Italy)
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Maggiore Bologna Airport

If at all you know of any airports that have really grown to greater heights here in Italy, Bologna Airport must definitely be part of that list. This growth is not just in terms of passenger numbers but rather related to a whole wide range of elements. The number of international airlines and international destinations connected to this airport has also grown far and wide.

One aspect that has also developed but is always overlooked is transport. Today, if you need to move from the airport to the city center and back, you can do that hassle free? The road network is well laid out so as to facilitate these transportation services. Whether you love travelling by bus, car or train, you can always rest assured that you will get the best services.

As you step out of the passenger terminal, you will find many cars and buses parked there. They are all intended to help you move from the airport to the city center and to other regions within Italy. The shuttle bus services operate daily by ferrying people between the city center and the airport. If at all you still need to get to other areas within Italy, you can still count on the services offered by these shuttle bus services. It might be also worth to note that the services offered by shuttle buses are much more affordable.

If at all you need the best and most reliable transportation solutions, car hire is an option that you definitely cannot just choose to overlook. Even though shuttle services are much more affordable, if you are looking for pretty exquisite services, car hire is an option that you cannot just choose to overlook.

There are many car rental companies in this region today. Each of them offers pretty varied kinds of services. Therefore, if you need to get the best services, you would have to invest some time to do some intensive research. At least after that, you will be best informed to realize the kind of quality services to seek.

One of the most outstanding car rental companies here in Bologna today is Maggiore car hire. This is in fact one of the most prominent and long serving companies in this region. At least such elements should offer you some level of assurance that you will be getting the best services if you choose to travel with Maggiore.

If at all you need the services offered by Maggiore car hire today, you can make a booking at their official website online.